Hugo's homepage

Hey, you found my site! My name is Hugo Devillers, I go by 'Gobrosse' on the internets, although a younger me used to go by 'hugobros3'.
By day I'm a student @Unamur working towards obtaining a master's degree in computer science, on my free time I like to do games programming, especially graphics programming.

My current project is a game engine called Chunk Stories, a Minecraft-styled voxel engine that focuses on fancy graphics and extensive mod support using a comprehensive API. It is entirely written from scratch in Kotlin/Java and has a Vulkan renderer. The game is open-source (LGPL3), and comes with a default gamemode mimicking Minecraft survival.

Going forward, once I graduate I'm considering a career in the videogames industry or related, as I've been making games since I was 11 and in comparison, all other fields of computer science just sound boring to me. I have a deep interest in videogames technologies such as graphical engines and effects, optmization and general game engine design, with a strong belief in the value of making good code and good tools.