Chunk Stories

My pet project since mid 2015 (... already), started as an experimentation/learning project, it morphed into something half-serious a few years in, and now is a pretty decent game/mods framework. Written in Java due to my experience/ease with it, and the fact Java sits at the right spot to be servicable both as a core engine language and as a "user" language for mods writing. I also ported the old XolioZ plugin on it, and plan to migrate the legacy server I still host on it for good.

Old projects

2012-2017: XolioZ

As a teenager I ran Minecraft servers, under the xoliocraft banner. In 2012, we decided to ride on the hype train of DayZ, and set out to recreate the experience in Minecraft, and do an actually good job, unlike other earlier attemps we had saw. This proved a major success in the french community, as our server ended up featured on, gaining us tens of thousands of players over a few eccstasic months.

At some point I worked on a custom modded client for that server, introduced as XolioZ+. This proved to be a major headache and was a major contribution to the server's downfall and reboot in 2014. Since then the server has been running using only a custom ressourcepack, as I experimented with other things.

2014: Despotism Of Power

A frustrated me leaves his Minecraft server hosting legacy behind to write a clone of Advance wars with network play. Turns out implementing all those gameplay systems while being new at having to write clean and maintainable code doesn't make for a terribly successfull project, but I had plenty fun learning !

2009: Knytt Stories Online

One of the highlights of my time with Multimedia Fusion 2 as a kid, I once modified the source file for Knytt Stories and managed to shoe-horn in some kind of crude multiplayer. Unlike others before, my solution actually worked and was made available, giving a very young and not very at ease with english me a spot in the limelight on the nifflas forums. At some point the project was going as far as including a level browser & downloader, but unfortunately I lost those archives and the free hosting site died. RIP, have the source files.

Even older stuff

I've been present on the Internets for long enough to have embarrasing stuff to hide. Googling my username might lead you to akward discoveries, so I'm not going to advertise them :) If you are wondering, in that one crappy fangame, yes you CAN kill bowser, just spam bullets for a while.